Will iPhone 12 have 5G?

Will iPhone 12 have 5G?

Millions of smartphone lovers around the world are eagerly waiting for 2020. There are many expectations in the enhancement of smartphones, especially for Apple. Recently launched Apple phones iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pros have been huge success.

The biggest upgrade in smartphone technology that we can see in 2020 is 5G. There are millions of Apple phone users around the world and are ready to upgrade their iPhones with 5G enabled iPhone. If Apples successfully launched 5G enabled phones in 2020 then it can prove to be a booming sales year. According to Wall Street Journal, iPhone 12 success can be predicted in advance because of its 5G technology. People would love to experience this technology and will go for an upgrade. For Apple, the ground is ready, and opportunity is there, they just need to launch with 5G enabled phones. According to Dan Ives, Wedbush analyst, in an interview with CNBC said that about one-third of Apple users are ready to upgrade their phones.

However, still, we can’t predict 5G technology happening in iPhone in 2020 as there are other factors as well that come into play. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also didn’t give any firm indication about Apple’s 5G enabled mobile phone launch in the near future when asked in April. He said,” We try to select the right time that things come together and get those into products as soon as we can”. “Apple would come with two 5G enabled phones in 2020”, says Ming-Chi, who is a prominent analyst of Apple. At least we can expect 4 new Apple handsets in 2020 according to rumors.

It is also important to note that Apple would need widespread availability of 5G in order to get its products successful. This year has seen significant strides from big giants in launching 5G this year. If we look at some of the big companies 5G network availability, then we come to know that Sprint’s 5G network is available in nine cities whereas Verizon’s 5G network is available in 31 cities. Both AT&T and T-Mobile are also in the process of growing their 5G network. AT&T’s 5G network is expected to go nationwide by mid-2020, whereas T-Mobile’s 5G network will be accessible by 5 million users and 5,000 cities. However, for 5G enable iPhone 12, it needs widespread and faster availability to motivate users to upgrade to this mobile. Cost of 5G enabled will be lower than 5G enabled phones are now. However, it is too early to expect users to upgrade from early versions of iPhone to iPhone 12.

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