Why Apple’s iPhone is always the first choice?

Why Apple’s iPhone is always the first choice?

People always get confused and stressed when it comes to buying a new mobile. Android vs. iOS competition has affected people’s choice as well. As both are popular but according to stats, people in advanced countries love to have Apple phones as compared to other mobiles. However, it is worth to note here that it’s not the choice of software at all, Apple phones are preferred over other phones just because of the combination of good hardware with software.

Today we will look at factors that make iPhone special over other phones. Why people go for iPhones when they can buy other phones at low prices and somehow the same features.


iPhones work faster than other phones. The A12 Bionic chip inside iPhone makes it work faster. If we compare the performance of the iPhone XS with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, then iPhone XS beats it. On Geekbench 4 performance measure, iPhone XS score was higher than that from Galaxy S10 Plus. iPhone XS scored 11,420 whereas Galaxy S10 scored 10,732.

When it comes to transcoding videos, iPhone XS takes the lead of doing it in just 39 seconds whereas Galaxy S10 Plus takes 2.5 minutes.

2.Hardware and Software Compatibility:

Apple has always led the market when it comes to the development of new widgets. Apple always takes advantage of introducing widgets before any other company. The latest feature that Apple has introduced is the Face ID. It gives users a sense of satisfaction when it comes to security and privacy. Only you can access and unlock your phone. It does this by a 3D scan of your face before you login successfully by making use of TrueDepth sensor.  This feature is so popular that other companies have tried to copy this feature but have failed.

3.User-Friendly Interface

The interface of the iPhone hasn’t changed much over the years. It doesn’t mean they haven’t done any advancements. If you switch from one iPhone to another iPhone, then you feel comfortable very soon.

4.Best Update Option

The adoption rate for iPhones are faster than Androids. According to Apple, as of February 219, 83 percent of iPhone users were using iOS 12. Apple users have an edge on Android users when it comes to update because they can update OS on the date it is released. It looks they will dominate the industry with this special feature in the future as well.

5.First Choice for Apps Developers

Not only for phone users, Apple has become the hot choice for apps developers as well. Although both iOS and Android have millions of apps in their store but still iOS is favored by most developers when it comes to the launch of a new app. Apps normally take time to enter Androids. If you want to be a first-class citizen, then go for iPhone.

6.Help & Support

Apple has the best help & support mechanisms for its users. You can find millions of articles if you encounter a problem. You have other options as well to solve your problem by contacting their helpline or live chat option. For other phones, you find it hard to get a solution to any problem. You don’t find this kind of personal and direct relationship with other phones.

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