IFTTT: A Tool to Automate your life

IFTTT: A Tool to Automate your life

Are you also confused about the term IFTTT? Then don’t worry, everyone who encounters it first has the same feeling. “If This Then That” works as a website and a mobile app. The main objective of this service to take you out of the complexity of the internet and make your life easy. The basic aim is to automate everything that connected with your life. You don’t need to worry about completing different tasks around you, this will do everything for you automatically.

IFTTT basically provides integration services through a software platform that is aimed to connect these aims. These apps are developed by different programmers, IFTTT just help to integrate and automate these devices.

IFTTT was officially launched in 2011 by Tibbets and Jesse Tane, the co-founders of IFTTT. The San Francisco company managed to raise $63 million investment during its early stage. The main recipe of IFTTT was beefed up in November 2016, when it successfully tested connecting two devices. Before enjoying their services, you first need to set up an account on their website.

The basic unit of operation in IFTTT software is applet. We you open your account; you can then set up your first applet in order to proceed further. Applets are predefined instructions/codes that help to automate multiple apps. IFTTT provides flexibility of turning applet on or off on their website or mobile app. Their user interface is so friendly that it allows you to create your own applet according to your needs. You can learn more about how to create applets by watching their YouTube video guide.

According to the company, IFTTT has more than 550 partner services including Facebook. There are 11 million users of the IFTTT community, that run over 1 billion applets each month. It is simple to use. For mobile users, it is compatible with both iOS and Android. For new users, IFTTT helps to recommend applets as well. There are wide ranges of applets available from businesses to health and fitness.

The most popular feature of IFTTT is its conjunction with Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant. Now users can control smart home devices with voice commands at Echo and Echo dot speakers. According to Tibbet, CEO of IFTTT, “We want to make everything a service. Every physical object, organization will relate to the internet”.

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