Welcome your new Digital friend, Neon

Welcome your new Digital friend, Neon

Welcome your new digital friend, Neon. Samsung Neon is going to be your new digital friend but wait, it will act like a real human. Samsung Neon is being built by Samsung in collaboration with Advanced Research Labs (Star Labs). This virtual being is designed to meet all customer needs. It will respond to your questions in human with smiles like humans do.

However, don’t expect your new digital friend to be all-knowing. It’s a chat box and is designed to assist you in a real way. The company also stated in their FAQ that don’t expect it to answer every question you ask like weather forecast or how old Abraham Lincoln was when he died. According to Pranav Mistry, CEO of Neon and head of STAR labs said, “Although virtual assistant is designed to help customers in a human way, but customers should also understand the reality. It I still a machine and it will answer your queries based on experience”.

Neons are expected to assist humans in a variety of ways such as financial advice, tutoring, health advice, acting, or TV anchoring. Neon will develop new skills and build memories from experience. This digital human looks gorgeous that neither gets weight nor get old. The company used Core R3 technology. Core R3- “reality”, “real-time”, and “responsive”. Neon process information in milliseconds. The second is called Spectra that helps Neon to build memory, learn from experience, intelligence, and emotions.  Mistry said the aim is to let the machine learn human traits, not us learning the mechanism of machines.

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Your new digital friend, Neon is capable to speak in many languages. It demonstrated different languages as well such as English, Chinese, Hindi, and Korean. It is also important to note that Neon isn’t Samsung product but an independent company that aims to bring science fiction to reality in the future as well. Samsung however, launched its very own digital assistant, Bixby, that made its first appearance in Samsung Galaxy S8.

Big companies like Google, Amazon, and Samsung have now understood the reality of voice assistant that’s why they are now integrating Artificial in their smartphones. According to Mistry, there is still a long way to go to realize this project fully functional. It may take up to 4 years. This digital friend will prove to be part of our everyday life. Core 3 technology is so advanced that it is impossible to distinguish between real human and digital human.

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There are some concerns as well mainly about privacy, after the development of this human-like digital assistant. However, the company claims that they have used high standard security protocol to ensure the privacy and trust of its users. It will not share private data to anyone without permission. We truly understand the privacy and will not compromise on this core issue, the company said. Though its time to welcome new digital friend, Neon but for it to be fully functional, you’ll have to wait, what wonders it brings.

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