Venice – Why so Unique and Special?

Venice – Why so Unique and Special?

Venice, a popular travel destination not only for Italians but for the whole world. We can also call this city, “A Floating City” because it gives you a feeling that everything has been built on water, and it’s true for some reason. This city has a rich history that is full of glory, sadness, faith, and democracy but anyone can visit Venice, because its architecture, scenic beauty, infrastructure appeals to everyone. If you are thinking to plan your holidays, then you must include this city on your list. Venice, because of its so many special features that it offers makes it stand out and unique among the top cities around the world. It is often called a romantic city.

Everything about Venice is worth mentioning. Many people around the world still wonder, how the city still exists in water? Don’t Worry, we’ll solve this question by telling you the history. This city was founded 1500 years ago on 117 islands that are linked by 150 canals. This city is mainly built of wood and water. But many people get confused about the decay of the wood, so the answer to this question is as wood is underwater and is not exposed to oxygen. Another reason for its long durability is its hardness, that evolved over the years because of saltwater. However, you’ll be surprised to know that this city is sinking because of the increase in sea level.

The biggest surprise for tourists is its survival. This city has survived two world wars, and it was conquered by Napoleon. The rich history of Venice makes it among the Top World Heritage Cities in the world and is also called Jewel of Italy. The majestic street and the grace of the buildings will make you fall in love with this city in your first city and you will understand why it is called a romantic city. Apart from rich history, this city offers modern lifestyle as well as it has some of the best restaurants, art galleries, cafes and much more. It’s one of the pleasant cities of Europe because it is not busy, loud, and wide as compared to other major cities around the world like London, Paris and New York.

The Grand Canal gives you every opportunity to witness the rich history and modern life of Venice when you travel on the water bus to explore the city. Well, if someone visits Venice and do not observe the beautiful building that it has then it’s unbelievable. The Doges Palace is one of the most famous landmarks of the city because of its gothic style and it is striking. Although, this building has gone through several repairs and refurbishment, but its role and beauty still exists and one of the interesting facts about this building is once it was used as a prison – which is said to have housed Casanova. However, if you want to enjoy all the best places at once then visit Piazza San Marco. Napoleon referred to this place as “Drawing room of Europe”. You can enjoy visiting The Doges Palace and Saint Mark’s Basilica.

If you want to witness how the sky, land, and sea converge at one place then you must visit Venice. This city is also special as it combines music and arts. You can find music abundantly here. It has produced great musicians such as Vivaldi. There is much more to explore in Venice when you visit Venice.

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