Uber Air Taxis

Uber Air Taxis

Uber air taxis dream come true at CES 2020. Uber’s aerial rideshare idea got a breakthrough today when South Korean manufacturer Hyundai announced on Monday that it is going to produce flying cars for Uber. Uber’s planning to deploy aerial rideshare in 2023. However, the manufacturer didn’t give much details about the flying cars. However, they said, flying cars will be able to take off and land vertically at the automotive scale.

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Uber plans to kick off this aerial taxi project in some cities around the world and already in talks with various aircraft manufacturers. However, their deal with Hyundai launched in CES 2020 Las Vegas. “We know how to mass-produce high-quality vehicles”, said Jaiwon Shin, Head of Hyundai’s urban air mobility division. He also expects to produce air taxis at affordable prices and hopes that this partnership will help consumers to enjoy aerial ride at affordable rates.

Eric Allison Head of Uber Elevate represented Uber at CES said, “By taking transportation out of the two-dimensional grid on the ground and moving it into the sky, we can offer significant time savings to our riders”. He further added that currently, Uber is the best option to offer its riders to mover from conventional road taxis to aerial taxis. Uber is a widely used app for taxis around the world.

Melbourne, Dallas, and Los Angeles are among the first cities where Uber plans to start Air flights. That means we’ll see Uber Air Taxis in Australia and the United States initially. However, it plans to demonstrate its first flight in 2020 and start of commercial operation in 2023. Hyundai has demonstrated its S-AI model aircraft at CES with a speed up to 180 miles per hour. However, Hyundai further added that initially aircraft would be piloted, but with the passage of time, it will become autonomous.

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