Tom Cruise is all set to make a movie in Space

Tom Cruise is all set to make a movie in Space

Tom Cruise, the most popular action hero of Hollywood is all set to make a movie in Space. The movie will be shot at the International Space Station. Cruise is excited about this action movie project in space.

Cruise is a real action hero and you can expect any type of stunt from him. He has done some of the impressive stunts in the past. One of the most notable ones was in the movie Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation in which he clutched the side of the Airbus A400.

There are not many details about this project. NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine confirmed this news in his tweet.

Cruise, played the role of an astronaut in his move Oblivian in 2013. In that movie his role was to protect the earth from aliens. Deadline first reported this news about the collaboration of Cruise with NASA and SpaceX.

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SpaceX announced its project in February in which it will take four private citizens to orbit around the earth at the end of 2021. It has recently developed a new Dragon Crew Dragon spacecraft. It will take four astronauts of NASA to Space Station later this month despite the pandemic.

Elon Musk, the entrepreneur of SpaceX has also did not provide any details about the project. However, he replied to Bridenstine’s tweet, ” Should be a lot of fun” even though he was busy welcoming his new son with singer Grimes.

The proposed action movie is in its early stages. Even representatives of Cruise did not give any details about the project. Cruise, 57, is famous for doing daredevil stunts in his movies. In his upcoming movie, Top Gun: Maverick he flew fighter jets. He even dared to climb the world’s tallest building in Dubi- Burj Khaleefa in his 2011 movie Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

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