Tips to extend the life of your mobile phone and save money

Tips to extend the life of your mobile phone and save money

The one lesson that people taught during coronavirus pandemic is the importance of mobile phones. Governments around the world imposed lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Even they were not allowed to see their friends and family members. However, mobile phones proved their worth during this critical time. People connected to their friends and families with mobile phones. So today you’ll get tips to extend the life of your mobile phone and save money so that it lasts longer than expected.

The leading mobile phone companies regularly update their mobile phones. They launch new mobile phones with the latest and advanced features every year. This motivates buyers to frequently change their mobile phones. However, it may get expensive due to the higher prices of mobile phones from Apple and Samsung companies. Even other companies also charge higher prices for their best smartphones.

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To avoid buying mobile phones regularly, it is important to do the regular maintenance of your mobile phone. This enhances the lifespan of your mobile phone and saves you money that you can utilize somewhere else.

Here are some of the important tips that can enhance the life of your mobile phone.

Remove Unnecessary files

Unnecessary files do nothing except consuming your mobile storage. So always keep an eye on your mobile phone memory to check files and apps that you don’t need anymore. If you don’t need just delete them. This makes your mobile phone more responsive and works faster. If you don’t do this, you may change your mobile phone a bit early when even you don’t need to do that.

Regularly Update Operating System and Important Apps

If you update your mobile phone operating system and apps that you use most often, this can help you fix bugs and enhance performance as well. It is important for you to regularly check for any updates for the operating systems and apps. Apple and Samsung offer automatic updates on their smartphones. You should check your smartphone for this feature.

Buy a Good Case

One of the main factors of damage to a smartphone is the mobile drop. Many of us drop our mobile most often that makes it unusable. In order to make it safe from damage, it is wise to invest in buying a good case for your mobile.

Regular Power down

We don’t run our computers continuously when we are not working. What we do is simply shut it down. The same is true for your mobile phones as well. It is wise to at least power down your mobile phones once a week for a couple of minutes. This enhances the efficiency of your mobile phone.

Regular Cleaning

Always keep your mobile phone clean and shiny. Make sure the screen, charging port, microphone area, speaker grille, and headphone jack are clean from dirt and grease. It will enhance your mobile performance and you can click clear shots from your mobile camera.

Keep the Best Charging Practise

Battery lifespan is very important. Avoid battery overheating. Don’t put it in direct sunlight. Always charge your mobile phone when the battery level reaches a 25% level.

Don’t Keep Your Smartphone with You While You Workout

There are many apps that give you health and fitness tips. However, try to avoid keeping your mobile in your pocket when you work out. The reason is many mobile phones face water damage issues due to sweating.

Regular Backup of Your Data

Always backup your mobile phone data regularly. This doesn’t enhance the useful life of your mobile phone but gives you security in case you replace your mobile. Cloud storage is the best option. Always check for cloud storage options that your smartphones offer and store your data there.

So if you don’t want to change your mobile phone frequently, follow these important tips to extend the life of your mobile phone and save money.

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