The Controversial Immunity Passport to identify COVID-19 survivors

The Controversial Immunity Passport to identify COVID-19 survivors

The coronavirus pandemic has badly hit the big economies of the world. Governments around the world thinking to exercise various options to bring life to normal. However, the safety of the public is still their first priority. Governments spent a huge budget to support the public who either lost their jobs or sitting at their homes with no supporting income. It is very important for the government to resume life back to normal to revive the economy. One such measure is the introduction of a controversial immunity passport to identify COVID-19 survivors.

A large number of people have lost their lives during coronavirus pandemic. As there is no vaccine available, it gets hard for patients to recover soon. Those who recover from these diseases develop antibodies against this disease. According to John Hopkins University, more than 1 million people have recovered from coronavirus.

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The governments are now taking those patients who recovered from this disease seriously. Governments of the UK, USA, Germany, and Chile are planning to issue immunity passport to those who are immune to this disease.

As they have a strong immune system so they can join the workforce in order to help the government revive the economy. However, this has raised controversy as some people have raised concerns as some people will still in lockdown while others will free. However, public health experts have warned governments to take into account all possible outcomes before implementing such a system.

The UK introduced the idea which has a higher death rate in the world. However, this may be an immunity passport, a smartphone code, or a wristband. The Health Secretary in the UK said in a statement, ” When the science is good enough to understand the immunity that people have after having had the disease, then we are looking at something like an immunity certificate or maybe wristband”.

Anthony Fauci who is a member of White House controversial task force also shared his views with CNN in April 2020 that America was also thinking about immunity passports. He said,” I think it might actually have some merit under certain circumstances”.

Chile will become the first country in the world to issue immunity certificates to the public. However, they will issue certificates to those who are clear after 14 days of symptoms. The survivors will get the certificate in the form of a smartphone QR code so they can travel to their work.

Health officials still give no guarantee that a person who recovered from COVID-19 is immune to it. He may get ill again. However, research suggests that people who recovered from this disease may not get another infection at lease for a short period of time.

What WHO think?

World Health Organization has also warned governments. They said,” At this point in the pandemic, there is not enough evidence about the effectiveness of antibody-mediated immunity to guarantee the accuracy of an immunity passport”. WHO has also raised concerns about the reliability of the antibody test.

This system can have a dangerous impact on society. It can divide society. People who can work freely with those who are stuck at home. However, it can give the government an excuse to ease the lockdown. The survivors will have the opportunity to move freely. This can help companies to bring back some of the workforces. However, governments should also take into account its impact on society before the introduction of the Controversial Immunity Passport to identify COVID-19 survivors

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