Technology – Oxygen of Modern Life

Technology – Oxygen of Modern Life

There is a famous quote that without oxygen, life is impossible on this earth but now in this technologically advanced world, it is worth saying that without technology life would be impossible on this earth. People are now so attached with the use of technological devices that it has become part and parcel of our life. We can’t even imagine living without it even a single hour. Hats off to innovators and researchers around the world, who made life so easy for us and are still innovating and developing their new ideas into bringing new advanced technological devices to make even better life for our next generation.

If we look at some of the best technological advancements during the last 2 decades, then we must say that the development of smartphones has totally changed the way of life around the world. People wouldn’t have thought that there will a time when the whole world will fit into their pocket in the shape of lightweight, easy to carry mobile. However, the most advanced and easy to use mobiles that we enjoy using today entails a long 28-years history of evolution that has taken the market by storm!

According to Pew Research Center, 95% of Americans enjoy using mobile phones, and out of which, 77% have smartphones. IBM had introduced the first smartphone back in 1992, which was made available to the public in 1994. It had some features that are still useful in modern smartphones like

  • Touchscreen
  •  Email, Fax
  • Notes and Calendar

However, it failed to get the attention of the public. It was named Simon Personal Communicator. Although, the initial launch of smartphones failed, but it proved to be the great launching pad for other innovators around the world who started to think about developing the most advanced smartphones in the future.

Blackberry was the 2nd company to enter the world of smartphones with its first mobile 5810. Their mobiles dominated and proved to be successful especially for business people which was their main target niche. Their smartphone 5810 had features:

  • Calendar
  • Music
  • A Full Keyboard
  • Advanced Security
  • Internet Access

Blackberry smartphones were so successful that at one time, they became the market leaders. However, as soon as Apple entered the market, the market share went down sharply and until the end of 2017, it became 0.

Apple has successfully captured the large market share of smartphones by developing one of the best smartphones of all time around the world. Their first smartphone was introduced in 2007. Their popularity can be measured from the fact that during its first year of launch of mobile, they sold 1.4 million mobiles. People around the world liked iPhones because of its widescreen that was useful in making videos. Apart from widescreen, it had extended battery life of 8 hours talk time and 250 hours standby. These features made iPhones much more user-friendly, particularly for daily use.

As of today, we have seen tremendous growth in the mobile phone industry. Now, the smartphones industry has two major operating systems: Android and iOS. However, Android is the most used operating system around the world with a market share of 42%, even better from Microsoft windows. The smartphones of today has become an all-in-one package of today’s life. We can make voice and video calls, can navigate easily while traveling, build networks by using social media, watch T.V, make, record, and share videos and much more. However, the progress hasn’t stopped, what we enjoy today was once a dream for the people who lived in the past. So, if we think about the future, we can’t predict what revolution will mobile industry bring but at least we can say that it would be even better than what it is today.

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