Student Circus: A Platform for International Students in the UK to get Tier-2 Jobs

Student Circus: A Platform for International Students in the UK to get Tier-2 Jobs

Getting a Tier-2 job is a very challenging task for international students that come to the UK. Even internship and placement opportunities are getting hard to find. There are many laws and strict requirements that students have to keep in mind when they explore the job market for Tier-2 jobs.

UK: Home of International Students

The UK is a very popular destination among international students. Students around the world come to the UK to get higher education and contribute to the development of the economy. According to statistics, about 1 million students come to the UK each year from various parts of the world. Many international students wish to get tier-2 jobs to polish skills to find better opportunities in the future.

International students play a positive role in the development of the economy of the UK as they pay a huge sum of tuition fees compared to locals. That is the main reason, it is the 2nd largest hub of international students in the world. It provides international students with a high quality of education, and research and innovation opportunities in their respective fields.

In recent years, the number of international students declined due to strict government immigration policies. Due to this fact, the UK lost a large number of international students. Now many international students go to the USA, Canada, and Australia.

The Main Goal of International Students

Although, the main goal of international students is to finish studies and go back to their countries. However, many students find job opportunities here in the UK. International students especially from Asian countries tend to stay in the UK in the long term just to get some experience that can make a difference in their future career.

In the past, there was a government scheme in which students were granted a 2-year post-study work permit. After completing the course, students were allowed to stay for a period of 2 years to find jobs that can match their abilities. Many students got jobs during their 2-year stay in the UK. However, Theressa May the then Home Secretary started a crackdown on the number of immigrants in the UK and imposed a ban on a 2-year post-study work permit.

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They cut 2-year period to just 4 months which is very short. It gets hard for students to find suitable sponsorship jobs in 4 months. The main challenge that international students face is to find employers who can sponsor international students. Many students go through an intensive recruitment process and end up getting nothing just because of their status of the Tier-4 visa.

What is Student Circus?

Student Circus provides international students with a platform to explore all tier-2 job opportunities in their respective fields. This is the best way to explore the market without wasting any time. This platform was founded by two international students Tripti Maheshwari and Dhruv Krishnaraj in 2016. They faced the same challenges and difficulties that every international student faces. After that they decided to build a platform for international students so that they get their jobs without any difficulty.

The key benefit of using Student Cirus is all employers are willing to sponsor international students. Many employers with Tier-2 licenses are reluctant to sponsor international students. However, Student Circus has got all employers who are willing to give Tier-2 sponsorship to international students and therefore saves your time.

Maheshwari graduated from Cass Business School in 2015 whereas Dhruv Krishnaraj graduated from the University of Bristol in 2015. They shared their views that they applied for hundreds of jobs that proved to be wrong. They recommend applying for targeted employers who hold Tier-2 licenses and are willing as well.

They are working with many universities to educate students in their effective job search. International students can find internship opportunities and graduate jobs on this platform.

As the government is thinking to bring back a post-study work permit. This platform can help students find their best match employers quickly.

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