Speed Up your iPhone

Speed Up your iPhone

If you are worried about the speed of your iPhone, then you can speed up your iPhone by following these useful tips. Speed slow down is a common problem faced by users. It is caused by several factors. Today in this article, we’ll discuss some factors that can help you make your iPhone work faster.


Apple uses its own dedicated operating system iOS. Currently, they have released iOS 13. Initially, users faced bugs but now its update has fixed many bugs. You should regularly check for iOS updates because it not only fixes issues but also speed up your phone.

If you are updating from iOS 12 to iOS 13 then keep in mind that whether your current mobile hardware is compatible with the latest phone or not. The new version of iOS 13 is compatible with iPhone 6s and iPhone SE upwards. However, the update may give you a good experience or may slow down the speed of your mobile. In the latter case, you’ll have to switch to the latest iPhone.

You can check whether your mobile iOS 13 is up to date or not. Go to Settings > General > Software.

2.Restart your iPhone

It looks weird but it works. If you restart your device, it will speed up your iPhone. It frees the space of your mobile. However, the restarting process is different in different models of the iPhone.

In iPhone and earlier mobiles, on the top right, you’ll find the sleep button, press and hold it until you see Power Off slider. Just swipe it and it will power off. In iPhone 6,7, and 8 you can find the sleep button on the right side, the rest process is the same.

In iPhone X and onwards, this process is a bit different. Pressing the sleep button on the side will bring Siri (which has replaced the functionality of the Home screen). If you want to power off your iPhone, you need to press the volume up and down and then sleep button, after that power off slider will appear and just swipe it.

To restart your device, you must press the sleep button again for 5 seconds. When the Apple icon appears, it means your device is restarting. In some cases, if you’re unable to restart your device then reset your device.

3.Low Data Mode

Speed up your iPhone by enabling Low Data Mode. Go to Settings > Mobile/Cellular Data > Mobile/Cellular Data Options > Tap on Low Data Mode. When you enable Low Data Mode, it stops various process running in the background. It boosts up speed by stopping automatic email retrievals, automatic apps download, stop process running in the background.

You can also apply these settings to your Wi-Fi as well. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Network > Low Data Mode. This not only speeds up your mobile but also extend your battery life.

4.Free up Space

For your iPhone to work better, it must have at least 10% of free space out of overall storage. You can check your storage statistics by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. It gives you information about storage used and how much storage your apps are using. However, it is common that Photos & Camera and Music take up most of the space. You can also enhance speed by deleting apps or transfer your data to iCloud. If you have plenty of space available then don’t worry, you don’t need to delete anything.

Deleting Apps:

If your phone storage is running out, then must delete apps. iOS13 also gives recommendations about which apps are taking up more space. You must identify which apps you are not using anymore, then delete it.

Deleting Messages:

You should also check storage occupied by your messages especially when you send and receive images. It is better synchronizing your message to iCloud. You can do so by going into Setting > Tap on your Apple ID > Turn the Message slider green.

Deleting Audio Messages:

You can also free your space by deleting audio messages if it come in regular intervals. In Settings,> open the Messages menu > scroll to bottom and change the expiry of audio messages from ‘Never to 2 minutes.

Deleting Music Files:

You can also free up space by signing up to iCloud or iTunes Match and transfer all your music files there. It’s not free, you must pay an annual fee. You can also sign up to Apple Music where you can access millions of songs. Similar is the case with photos. You can transfer all your photos to your iCloud storage. Go to Settings > Photos > iCloud Photos.

5.Restore Factory Settings

If nothing works, then try restoring to factory settings. It brings the mobile in the position when you buy it. You can restore by going to Settings > General Reset > Erase all content and settings. You need to enter passcode to confirm that you want to restore factory setting and lose all data.

That means all data is lost. As you lose all your data, it is important for you to run the backup either on iCloud or on iTunes. You can back up your data by going to Setting > Tap on Apple ID > Scroll down to the device to which you want to back up your data.

6.New iPhone

If nothing works, then as a last resort get the new iPhone.

These are some of the tips that you can follow to speed up your iPhone.

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