How to buy the best Smart Watch?

How to buy the best Smart Watch?

Well everyone of us has different criteria and buying habits. Ranging from expensive cars to buying your household items. When it comes to fashion and decency then you must think of something different. Today we’ll look at how to buy the best smartwatch? If you are thinking to buy one then you must read this article.

Smartwatch gives you the flexibility to work your routine daily tasks and control your life as well. You can communicate with your friends, control different apps, get notifications set by you, and get fitness alerts as well.

The decision to buy a smartwatch that fits your needs is not easy. There are many companies offering smartwatches in the market with different prices ranging from $100 to $1000. However, the decision is based on different factors such as its look, brand name, compatibility with your phone, and ultimately your budget. The most important feature is its compatibility. After all, you have to connect it with your mobile phone.

Before proceeding to your buying decision, first know different operating systems of the smartwatch.

  • iOS: As every one of us is aware of the iPhone operating system. It is recommended that before buying an Apple watch, make sure you have the iPhone because sometimes it does not work well with Android.
  • Tizen: Samsung uses Tizen operating system in its watches. The best feature of Samsung smartwatch is its compatibility with other Android phones as compared to Apple. Even it is compatible with some iPhones as well.
  • Wear OS: This is the operating system of Google. If you are using an android phone, then this is the best option for you because it is best compatible with Android and for some iPhone as well.

There are some special features that users always look for whenever they intend to buy a smartwatch. Some of the features are as under:

Health & Fitness:

This is a very popular feature that every user loves. Some smartwatches offer simple fitness tracking whereas others may offer advanced as well. For example, Apple and Samsung offer smartwatch with heart-rate monitors and built-in GPS. These smartwatches are waterproof so if you love swimming, this best fits your need.

Battery Life:

The battery life of smartwatches depends upon the usage, model, and features that it offers. Smartwatches with very basic features last longer than smartwatches with advanced features.

Internal Storage:

This feature might be surprising for many users. Many smartwatches come with 4GB internal storage so you can download new apps and store data of your choice such as music. So, you do not need to take your phone with you when you go out.

Wi-Fi Connection:

Another amazing feature is the feature of Wi-Fi technology. You can connect to your local internet without depending on your smartphone.

Secure Payments:

Many people around the world can now make payments with their smartphones. However, smartwatches also offer this wonderful feature. You must check sure your smartwatch has built-in NFC (near-field communication) and MST (Magnetic Secure transmission). These two built-in features allow you to make secure credit card payments.


This feature is important for sports athletes. If you want to monitor your regular improvements then you must look for the best accurate smartwatch.

Watch Strap:

Always look for a smartwatch that comes with a removable watch strap. This gives you the flexibility to change the strap whenever you want. You can replace the strap with a more stylish, delicate-looking strap.

Some of the best smartwatches are as under:

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