Samsung Presents Biggest Ever TV Screen “The Wall”

Samsung Presents Biggest Ever TV Screen “The Wall”

What if one of your home or office wall is converted into screen. It will look so nice that one of your walls will give you a feeling of sitting in a cinema. If you’re thinking that how is it possible, then stop thinking because Samsung has done it once again. Samsung is the leader of the TV industry with so many breakthrough products. Once again, Samsung presents the biggest ever TV screen to its users, “The Wall MicroLED TV”. Although CES 2020 hasn’t even started yet, but many products have made their place in the headlines. Samsung’s new TV is among those. It is 292 inches with and 8K model at 150 inches. This is officially the biggest ever screen in the world. Samsung has always produced the best TV. The combination of extreme brightness, contrast, and massive size is just amazing.

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Samsung said in a statement, “New advancement for 2020 have allowed for large-scale production of fixed screen sizes, including new 88, 93, 110, and 150-inch sizes. The MicroLED is the first new technology in the decade. It shares some features with OLED than LCD. Its brightness is perfect and delivers perfect black levels because it creates the image directly by using millions of tiny LEDs. It is better in terms of picture quality. However, keeping in view the features and best TV screen, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for installation charges. Samsung has started selling The Wall on a commercial and residential basis.

Enjoy watching your favorite programs on “The Wall”, Samsung biggest ever TV screen.

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