Samsung launches Quantum 5G Smartphone

Samsung launches Quantum 5G Smartphone

At the time when the whole world is under lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. Samsung takes the lead to launch Quantum 5G smartphone.

Now a day customers store all their data in mobiles. Data security is a key issue for many customers. Keeping in view their concern, Samsung announced its first 5-G smartphone with Quantum technology.

Quantum technology refers to a Physics phenomenon in which a particle exists in many states at the same time. In smartphone technology, this generates random numbers that are hard to break. That’s how it increases the security level of smartphones.

This cutting edge technology makes this new smartphone the best choice for customers who really want a secure mobile phone. The one mobile is the result of a collaboration between Samsung and South Korea’s SK Telecom. This is the world’s first mobile with a chipset that generates quantum random numbers.

This new smartphone is the rebranded version of Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. This is a mid-range Samsung mobile that is one of the top-selling smartphones of 2020 as well. The phone supports other services as well such as user identification and mobile payment. SK Telecom’s future plans include the expansion of quantum services to other sets as well.

The smartphone processor is Exynos 980 (8nm), QRNG security chipset Octa-core processor. The device comes with 8GM RAM and its internal storage is 128 GM which is extendable.

The collaboration between South Korean company SK and Samsung is expected to be fruitful in the upcoming smartphones. Both companies are planning to incorporate this technology into future smartphones. This will enhance the user experience and their satisfaction level regarding the security of the movie phone.

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