Samsung Launches Mobile-Friendly Rotating TV “Sero TV”

Samsung Launches Mobile-Friendly Rotating TV “Sero TV”

Samsung launches mobile-friendly rotating tv “Sero TV”. Samsung launched Sero TV firs time in CES 2020. The Sero TV rotates automatically to match the orientation of your content.

You have the choice to view content in as many ways as you want as TV rotates horizontally and vertically. Samsung is famous for producing some of the best devices for consumers. Now people love to connect to social media accounts all the time. Keeping in view the importance and usage of social media, Samsung designed this TV for them. The company calls it “TV for the mobile generation”.

With Sero TV you can mirror your phone on TV with just a click. Sero TV is 43″ 4K QLED TV that connects with your phone. This TV is for everyone who loves to watch videos on Instagram, TikTok, or other social media accounts.

The TV’s default mode is portrait. However, you can rotate it back and forth through an integrated motorized mount. You can do this by a button on the remote control or through Samsung’s SmartThings app. When you synchronize your phone with the TV, it flips automatically when you rotate your mobile phone.

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As already mentioned, you can mirror your phone with TV. However, for video vertical mode is much better. You can mirror other phones as well such as the iPhone.


The company has designed the TV to give its users wonderful viewing experience. The TV is equipped with the industry’s leading technology QLED. The TV offers 100% color volume for transforming movie nights. It offers a billion colors and shades so that users can enjoy content in a fully cinematic experience.

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Another amazing feature of the TV is the choice to enhance your home decor. It offers users to choose from 50 stylish backgrounds when they no longer watch TV. The TV is available in 43″ screen size with a navy-blue bezel design.

For Android users, TV rotates automatically. However, iPhone users need to do this through remote or Samsung SmartThings app. According to Dan Hastings, Director TV and AV, Samsung Electronics UK Ltd, “We are exceptionally proud to launch The Sero to the market. The Sero is able to seamlessly adapt to enhance whatever content the user is watching, bringing a more bespoke, and optimized experience”. The TV is now on sale in the UK and the USA.

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