LG’s Roll-Up TV Finally Ready to Enter Market

LG’s Roll-Up TV Finally Ready to Enter Market

After a long wait, LG’s Roll-Up TV is finally ready to enter the market. LG made the headlines in the last two years CES by making a sensational roll-up TV. Yes, it’s true. The TV gives you the flexibility to roll up when you wish to watch TV, and it disappears into a cabinet when you don’t need it anymore. It saves your space and improves your interior décor. This LG Signature OLED TV is 65-inch in size and is now ready to ship in 2020. So, the wait is finally over!

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You control the appearance and disappearance of your TV through remote. It was expected that LG roll-up TV will come in the market in 2019 but it didn’t come. But now LG officials confirmed that it’s ready to enter the U.S. market and its cost massive $ 60,000, according to head of global marketing for LG’s home entertainment business, JS Lee. However, this figure still needs official confirmation. Whereas a standard LG OLED TV cost $ 2,000. U.S. customers till need to wait for the final price. They should expect this new TV to reach their market by 2nd or 3rd quarter.

If LG confirms this price, this will be massive as compared to their other products. Its 88-inch 8K OLED costs $30,000. Whereas 98-inch 8K TVs from Sony and Samsung cost around $98,000. The Wall MicroLED TV from Samsung costs $400,000 for installation. This LG TV also gives you the option to view it inline. It rolls back up and descends into the box until the quarter of the screen is visible. You can also play music and disappear on the screen. You can connect the sound system via Bluetooth with your phone.

LG claims that the TV has a warranty of 17 years. They have tested to 50,000 rolls up or down. No matter what the price is, the good news is LG’s roll-up tv is finally ready to enter the market.

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