Japanese teen Syu Kato designs app to fight coronavirus pandemic

Japanese teen Syu Kato designs app to fight coronavirus pandemic

Since its start, governments around the world are trying to put their best efforts to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Many countries imposed strict lockdown measures compromising their economy. The worst-hit countries include China, the USA, the UK, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany. Recently a Japanese tween, Syu Kato, designed app to fight coronavirus pandemic.

Governments across the world have stressed right from the start that it is people the responsibility to stay home. This can help to minimize the spread of coronavirus. It started in China but spread all over the world due to contacts with infected people. The only solution for this pandemic is to save people from infected ones.

The 16-years old, Syu Kato, computer-savvy tech develops an iPhone app to help people keep the records of their whereabouts. The app keeps track of the movements within 10 meters. An English version of the app is available on Apple Play Store.

The app records all your locations. However, it does not share this data automatically. The App name is “Asiato” which means “Footprints”. If a person discovers that he has COVID-19, he can trace all his locations and can inform authorities about his movements.

This app is helpful for everyone no matter where they are living. If everyone understands and takes his responsibility seriously, then it will be easy for the governments to fight against coronavirus easily.

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It is not the first time that Kato has done something exceptional. In the past, he has shown his extraordinary programming skills as well. In fifth grade, he developed a mathematics application. He also developed a program to write a book report in 2017. He has also won an award “Super Creator” from Mitou Foundation, a Japanese government-backed organization for his exception programming work to develop “Draw Code”. It is a program aimed to simplify web programming for children.

He is planning to study in the US after the end of coronavirus pandemic. He has received appreciation from his family, government, and support.

In its new project, he is trying to bring restaurants and customers together to make it possible for restaurants for home delivery. Where he lives, there is no home delivery option for restaurants. However, his coronavirus app will help people around the world to control the spread of coronavirus and save lives.

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