iPhone iOS 14 updates, release date, and features

iPhone iOS 14 updates, release date, and features

Apple updates the operating system of the iPhone and iPad every year. Users of the iPhone get new promising features through these updates. Recently, Apple users were using some serious issues regarding bugs and security vulnerabilities. So today, you’ll get information about iOS 14 updates, release date, and features of the new iOS 14.

Millions of iPhone users get free operating system updates. Apple will announce new iOS 14 later this month. Fans were not happy with iOS 13 as users faced a lot of bug issues. Apple tried to update iOS 13 in short intervals to improve the stability and working of iOS 13.

Apple is trying to fix bug issues in its new release of iOS 14. However, there is still uncertainty whether Apple will enhance security by sacrificing performance or not. So the main focus of Apple this time is performance and quality.

Apple comes with a new strategy this time in the development process. During the testing stage, test software will automatically disable features that need refining. Many features that are in the news before the release of iOS 14 may not make it into the final version of iOS 14 or may be delayed for some time.

Expected Release Date

The expected release date for the iOS 14 in September. However, during the Worldwide Developers Conference will start on 22nd June. During WWDC Apple will announce some previews about new features of iOS 14.

Some Key Features

According to some of the leaked information about iOS 14, we can expect the following key features:

Home Screen:

The home screen will give a similar list view look like Apple watch. Users will see all the apps installed on their screens. However, they will have the choice to apply filters like recently used apps. All apps will be organized in alphabetical order.

Fitness Apps:

Recently, we have seen many fitness apps on Apple devices. The trend will continue in its new release as well. It will offer many fitness-related apps to help users plan for their workouts.


Apple is testing a variety of new features for iMessage. One of the most notable features that we can expect is a slack-like mention system. When we are busy we ignore group chat messages. However, this feature will still give you a notification when someone mentions you in a message such as @Andrew. Another exciting feature is message retraction after someone sends a message. However, message retraction will be visible to both parties. One other feature is marking a message unmarked. This will help users to pay attention to tasks and don’t forget important assignments or meetings.

Further Reading:

Augmented Reality App

Apple is bringing a very amazing new app in its new release of iOS 14 which is the Augmented Reality App. The app will help users to get more information about their surroundings. The app may be integrated with Apple Store and Starbucks. So users can get more information about the products in Apple Store.

Third-Party Apps

The biggest feature of iOS 14 is allowing users to set third-party apps by default. Users will set apps such as mail, and music apps as their default apps instead of Apple’s own apps.

Apple Pencil:

Apple pencil will allow users to handwrite text in any text field. However, they will have the option to convert handwritten text into standard text before it is sent.


It is expected that iOS 14 will work on all iPhone devices that support iOS 13.

There may be some other features as well when Apple finally releases iOS 14. That was some of the information about iOS 14 updates, release dates, and features.

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