HR Managers Use Artificial Intelligence Tools To Get Best Talent

HR Managers Use Artificial Intelligence Tools To Get Best Talent

Artificial Intelligence has transformed our lives through its innovative and disruptive technological developments. In this article, we’ll see how AI has impacted hiring process in corporate sectors. Recruitments of new employees is a lengthy process. It gets complicated when you take other factors into account such as skills, experience, right fit, competence, etc. Many companies use their own dedicated system to streamline the hiring process and get the best talent out from a large pool of applicants. To achieve this objective, they hire professionals from Human Resource fields. In many companies, the recruitment process can take at least 3 months starting from job advertisements to the induction of new employees.

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Artificial Intelligence has now solved this problem for big corporations. By implementing AI techniques, corporates can get rid of complications of this process. Many HR managers now recommend AI techniques and quote it as their best friend. Its functionality is based on algorithms that can find the best candidate for the role saving time for HR managers that they usually take in the screening process. AI functionality enables it to find platform from agency databases and social media platforms as well.

However, companies need to be careful as well while AI in their recruitment process. Many companies have faces concerns from staff. Companies also need to check local regulations about using AI techniques. Amazon recently announced to stop using AI techniques when it was learned that its algorithms are accused of gender-based bias. Another issue raised recently was the use of a face-scanning mechanism for pre-employment interviews. This has led regulators to investigate this matter and introduce new laws regarding the use of AI tools in the recruitment process.

Regulators aim to ensure employers get consent and make sure their employees have all the information about its working and use. Employers will have to consider a lot of factors before using AI tools. Some prominent issues that employers should address are whether the use of AI tools will lead to gender-based bias. They should also consider its transparency. Employers need to make sure that it does not discriminate in any way. If employers use a third party, they need to make sure the third parties can store and using the candidate’s personal data in a proper way and maintain privacy on top.

Companies should also conduct regular audit of AI solutions to check any biases that may occur due to the update of AI tools. However, using AI tools give companies a competitive advantage and give their valuable time to focus on other tasks that need more attention. However, they should keep an eye on new laws and regulations so that they use it fairly.

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