HP Elite Dragonfly G2 2-in-one Laptop

HP Elite Dragonfly G2 2-in-one Laptop

HP Elite Dragonfly G2 2-in-One is the latest laptop. This easy to carry laptop is the best laptop from HP. It weighs under 1 kg. HP in September launched ultralight Elite Dragonfly business two-in-one. This is an updated version of that laptop. This updated version offers many advanced features such as more storage, 10th generation chip, 5G modem, and first of its kind Tile tracker.

This new Elite Dragonfly G2 looks almost the same as its predecessor, however, the previous version looks excellent. Its processor is better than modern Windows laptops. Further, it provides its users’ option to add further storage of 1TB and 2TB. Elite Dragonfly G2 is expected to reach the market by mid-2020. Apart from 5G and Tile tracker function, it also has improved Sure View Privacy display.

Its 5G support makes it more appealing in the business community. 5G which is 10 to 100 times faster internet than cellular networks. With 5G video streaming and downloading of large files will be done instantaneously. The other thing which makes it more different is its privacy technology. As a user, sometimes you don’t want anyone to peer into your laptop to get into your personal information. However, this new HP Elite Dragonfly G2 comes with a built-in Sure View which blocks your screen from anyone. This is enhanced privacy functionality. HP uses a distinct copper-color privacy screen which makes it work in a variety of lighting conditions.

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HP takes the lead by introducing Tile tracker function. This enables users to get alerts when they are distant from their laptops or in case their laptop is stolen, they can easily track their device. This unique feature is introduced for the first time on laptop. However, HP didn’t give any hint about the price of this new laptop. It is expected that it will be expensive than its previous version. HP Elite Dragonfly G2 2-in-one laptop is the best edition in the HP products that will attract business customers.

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