Facebook Stops Friends Recommendation based on Mobile Numbers

Facebook Stops Friends Recommendation based on Mobile Numbers

Facebook announces to stop using mobile numbers for friend recommendation from 2020 seeking privacy concerns. At the beginning, mobile numbers were introduced to prevent hackers to break into someone’s account. Many social media sites now use mobile numbers method to login into account. A specific code is sent to the mobile number of the user that he needs to enter in order to proceed further. Facebook also uses the same method but in 2018, it was revealed that Facebook started to use mobile numbers for target advertising. It also introduced a new feature called “People You May Know” which fetches records of your potential friends based on their mobile numbers.

Researchers have criticized this practice stating that this is against the privacy of users and damages the trust. Collecting information from your address book and then sending notification to other people asking them to make friends is against the will of the users.

Now Facebook has taken this matter seriously and is now going to make privacy changes as part of a $5 billion settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission. According to sources, Facebook has already stopped using mobile phone numbers for advertising purposes since June 2019.

Users who have used two-factor authentication process will have to disable it and will have to delete their phone number as well. This will help users to improve their privacy and reduce irritation. Unwanted friend suggestion made people frustrated, and the major concern as already stated was unknowingly sharing their information with third parties. The step is really appreciable that now people’s privacy will be on a much higher level.

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