Facebook Shut down  Fake Accounts created using Artificial Intelligence

Facebook Shut down Fake Accounts created using Artificial Intelligence

Facebook has finally taken a step to shut down all fake accounts in the wake of US presidential elections 2020, Facebook has started to clean its platform from fake accounts and people to make it more transparent, trustworthy, and private. Face book respects the interest of hundred and thousands of people living in the U.S. and around the world who spend their time in giving opinions, sharing their thoughts and views on social media. If they come across a situation where they spend their time and energy on debating which candidate is better of America, and the end result they get is the person they talked never exists, will be a shame for social media platform and embarrassment for users. In order to give its users credibility, Facebook has now seriously taken this matter, and as a first step has started cleaning up rubbish from their platform.

Almost anyone is busy using Social media to discuss, argue and share views. Not all people use this platform positively. Some come here just to misguide and mislead others. Recently, researchers have pointed out the use of artificial intelligence in generating fake accounts. After that Facebook has shut down hundreds of accounts including individuals and groups that were being used to mislead users. However, this news has raised concerns about tackling this problem before the upcoming presidential elections in the US.

Not only, Facebook, fake accounts were also present on Instagram which is also owned by Facebook. Until now, Facebook has shut down 610 Facebook accounts, 89 pages,156 groups, and 72 Instagram accounts. Facebook while stating their stance on this type of activity revealed that they were continually working to detect and stop it and will never allow their platform to be used to mislead people. Most of the fake accounts used U.S citizens, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish as their target audiences.

All these groups were created using fake profile pictures and they pretended to be Americans. Profile pictures were added using AI and it was of people who don’t exist. Another network has also been shut down by Facebook that was operating from Georgia. Facebook shut down 39 fake accounts, 344 pages, 13 groups, and 22 Instagram accounts, which had 450,000 followers collectively.


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