Easy Guide to Back up data on  iPhone

Easy Guide to Back up data on iPhone

There are billions of mobile users worldwide. Everyone has their own choice of mobile. Some use expensive whereas others go for cheap mobile. It depends on the features, looks, and easy to use. There are two large leading giants in the world right now facing stiff competition with each other. Both offer some of the best flagship mobiles to their customers. They are Apple and Samsung.

However, if we explore deeply the preference and choices of people, apart from special features, there is one more important feature that people are more concerned about when they buy a new mobile phone. That feature is data backup. If someone loses his mobile or smash it so hard that it can’t be used any further then all your data is lost. It is therefore important for you to regularly backup your data.

People store their valuable memories on their mobile. It is convenient for them to share and access the data whenever they need it. All the latest mobile phones come will advanced features and apps that have made our lives easy. We can simply store all types of data. Whether we are in a party, event, class, business meeting, social event, political event, we can store and update all people around us within seconds by sharing and storing that data. Some of the data is so important that we can’t afford to lose that data because sometimes we are unable to recover that data.

If you are an iPhone user and want to know how to back up your data then just go through this article till the end and we’ll tell all the steps that can guide to saving all your data.


Apple as the leading mobile manufacturer in the world always gives its customers the comfort they want. This is evident from the fact that they have their own backup a system known as iCloud. All iPhone mobiles are connected to iCloud. This is the online backup service from Apple. The best thing is that you do not need to install this app. This is a built-in feature of all iPhone mobiles.

It is very easy to check whether iCloud on your iPhone is activated or not.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap your name at the top of the list and click iCloud

When it opens, here you can see all the apps that iCloud is backing up currently. It regularly backs up data. You can change the backup process manually as well. You can do this by going to Setting>iCloud>iCloud backup.

Another important to note here is iCloud provides 5GB of storage space. However, you can increase it to 2TB but you to pay for that. You can upgrade your storage plan by Settings> Manager Storage Plan>Change Storage Plan.

Google Photos:

Google photos are another effective way of storing your data especially photos. Google photos provide 15GB storage space which is much better than iCloud. However, it compresses photos to save more space which may compromise the quality of photos. It downscales the images in resolution terms.

You can use Google photos by downloading this app on your phone. You must have a Google account as well in order to use this app. Many people now have Google account.


You can also backup your data using iTunes as well. However, this is an old fashioned way of storing data on your phone. It downloads all the data from your phone to your hard drive.

You just need to connect your iPhone to a desktop or laptop and run iTunes. In the summary tab of your iPhone, you can see the backup box. It makes easy for you to switch from iCloud to iTunes and gives you the flexibility to do the backup manually. If you have a large hard drive then this is a good option for you.

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