COVID-19 is just an excuse: We are already socially distant due to the social apps

COVID-19 is just an excuse: We are already socially distant due to the social apps

Well, many people may disagree with the statement but in reality, it seems true. Covid-19 is just an excuse: We are already socially distant due to the latest technology.

Since the start of coronavirus pandemic, governments and other health regulatory bodies started a campaign to keep yourself socially distant. The reason for the campaign is clear and that is to minimize the spread of the virus and stay safe. At the start, it looked weird and there were different opinions that how can we survive in this difficult situation? How can we achieve social distant measures?

Well, no doubt we are living in the modern world where we have all the means and resources to connect and explore the world by sitting at home while watching our favorite programs and having a cup of tea. The credit goes to the developers of the latest technology.

Now we are so connected to technology, that we can’t even imagine living a life without it. We can work from home, we can connect to family and friends through tech, we can get all the latest updates by just a single click, and can order food online as well. This online world has given us an excuse to avoid the outside world and just sit in your home. You should go outside when it is mandatory. The same rule goes to COVID-19. Go outside when it is mandatory.

Gone are the days when people used to visit their friends or family members. The happiness and feelings to see your family members has become a fantasy. Now people love to connect on social apps but never visit their loved ones. Even siblings don’t talk to each other and even with their parents while connected to social apps.

When your friends are in grief or in difficult times, its trend to just pour your sympathy on his page but no one visits their home to show that you stand with them at this difficult time. Our life has become a basket of emojis and reactions that we shower according to someone’s feelings.

Now everyone loves to have an account on all social apps and wants to stay connected with their loved ones. However, in reality, no one knows about the sufferings of other people who are in their contact list.

Although, these social apps give us a way to connect with everyone. I think we need to understand the reality of social norms as well. We need to understand the values and customs of the society as well. We need to understand that connections with your friends and family members are multidimensional. You need to think out of the box. Use these resources to build long term relationships with your loved ones. Visit them and spend time with them. Stay away from the internet for some time to enjoy the real thrill and happiness of relationships.

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