Corona Virus forces LG to withdraw from MWC 2020

Corona Virus forces LG to withdraw from MWC 2020

Ever since the coronavirus broke out in Wuhan city of China, the whole world seems to be in a state of emergency. Although it’s not as lethal as Ebola and Conge were due to a low rate of mortality. According to experts vaccine will take time to come to the market. Patients are being cured by supporting medicines. Many countries have set up screening setups on airports as a safeguard measure. In the latest development, the Corona virus forces LG to withdraw from MWC 2020.

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Mobile World Conference will kick off in Barcelone on Feb 24. Being the world biggest mobile show in the world, this news is a major set back. The company has cited that participation will put its employees in danger by exposing them to travel around the world. They stated that they will hold events in the future to showcase their latest models. However, it is important to note that LG is not the only company to withdraw from MWC, ZTE, a Chinese company, has already withdrawn its participation. However, other Chinese companies such as Huawei, Qualcomm, and Xiaomi have confirmed their participation. GSMA, the organization that runs the MWC has issued statement that they are closely monitoring the situation to assess the corona virus impact on the show. They confirmed providing participants with disinfection programs and onsite medical support.

China is trying its best possible efforts to stop and combat the disease as soon as possible. The area has been locked down and there is a complete travel ban. This has badly affected China’s trade, as well as businessmen, who have canceled their visits to China seeking health concerns. World Health Organization has also declared a global emergency due to coronavirus outbreak. Many countries are even thinking to impose a temporary ban on Chinese nationals to prevent their nationals.

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