Choose the Best Internet Connection For Your Home

Choose the Best Internet Connection For Your Home

The Internet has become part and parcel of our life. Whether we are at home, driving, at work, or whatsoever, we need uninterrupted internet connection. It provided you a complete package of life ranging from education, playing games, watching entertaining videos, listening to music, and many more. High-Speed and reliability are the two most important factors when it comes to the best internets service provider.

Taiwan has been ranked 1st with high-speed internet in the world. US has managed to get the 10th spot whereas the UK isn’t in the top 10 categories. Other European countries that managed to get a spot in top 10 are Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Switzerland. However, still many people around the world and especially in developed countries don’t have access to high-speed internet. NPD, a research firm in his recent survey revealed that about 100 million Americans don’t have access to 25 Mbps or faster internet.

There are many internet service providers in the world. The speed and reliability of the internet depends upon the type of internet connection. The different kinds of internet connections are DSL, Satellite, Cable, Fixed Wireless LTE, Dial-up, and if you are very lucky then you can have Fiber. Some companies have now started to offer 5G internet as well. The table below shows different types of internet with their bandwidths.

Type Bandwidth (Mbps)
Cable 25-200
DSL 5-45
Satellite 10-30
Fixed Wireless LTE 5-10
Dial-up 0.4-0.5
Fiber 50-1000
5G 200-4000

It becomes very difficult sometime to choose the best internet service provider in your area. There are many factors that count to choose the best one. Some of the most important are cost, reliability, customer service, and speed. It sometimes happens that some internet service provider is best in one area but terrible in another one. It goes the same as fast-food chains which are best in one area but sometimes in other people have so many bad reviews about them. So, keeping this factor in mind is also very important.

Now we will look at different types of internet connections in detail:


Fiber is considered the backbone of the telecommunication system around the world. It’s the main connectivity pathways for many countries around the world for TV, Internet, and Telephone service. It comes with a typical bandwidth of 50-1,000 Mbps. Fiber optic was previously was used by countries for connectivity purpose, but recently we have seen many internet service providers have also started to provide Fiber Optic internet connections to homes. It is the best internet connection type in terms of speed and reliability among all other types of internet connection. If you have access to Fiber Optic internet connection than you are lucky. The best thing about Fiber connection is its extremely high speed and reliability and best for data-intensive applications such as streaming videos and music. However, its installation is not easy and only professionals can do it. It is not widely available as well. There are few Fiber Optic internet providers.


If you have a cable connection with a typical bandwidth of 25-200Mbps, you can enjoy playing games, downloading large files, streaming videos and music. Cable connection is considered among the best in terms of high speed but sill lower than fiber. The best thing about cable connection is its reliable, high-speed, standalone, and dedicated. However, its installation fee and monthly charges are expensive. The most important drawback of cable connection is its availability. Most of the places don’t have cable connection yet.


Someone will recommend you with Dial-up when you don’t have any other option. That means it is considered as a last resort. Its typical bandwidth is 0.4-0.5Mbps. The best thing about Dial-up is it’s available everywhere and it’s inexpensive. You can find multiple providers and it runs on telephone landline. The drawbacks are its speed. It’s very slow and you can’t use the telephone and internet at the same time.


DSL internet connection is a broadband connection. Although it is faster than dial-up but slower than Cable connection. It comes with a bandwidth of 5-45Mbps. However, if you want to use the internet for browsing and sending and receiving emails then DSL is good for you otherwise go for other connection types if you want to stream videos and music. It’s inexpensive and is widely available. However, its bandwidth is dedicated rather than shared with neighbors. The major drawback of using DSL is dependent on weather conditions. It has a low speed.

Fixed Wireless LTE

This form of internet connection is normally used in rural areas where you don’t have the option to switch to other forms of internet connection. It comes with a bandwidth of 5-10 Mbps. It uses the same towers to transmit its service that are used by cell phone communication. However, you need to install a special antenna on your home to access the internet connection. This makes it best when you are in a rural area and you need an internet connection. The major drawback is its setup which is done only by professionals. The other issue is speed. Its speed is dependent on its geographical location and some companies may ask you to sign a fix contract.


Satellite internet connection has a typical bandwidth of 10-30 Mbps. A dish is used to send and receive signals from a service provider’s hub which is positioned on or around your home. It is widely available even in far-flung areas, and there are multiple providers. However, its installation is its drawback and sometimes you must sign a contract with your internet service provider.


5G is the fifth generation of cellular technology. It has a typical bandwidth of 250-4000 Mbps. However, it is still on the testing stage and is not widely available. However, it has high speed and dedicated bandwidth. It will first come to phones and then will reach homes.

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