Big Tech Giants Plan To Implement Permanent Work From Home Policy

Big Tech Giants Plan To Implement Permanent Work From Home Policy

Surprised to read this news. Yes, big tech giants plan to implement permanent work from home policies. Coronavirus pandemic proved to be a testing phase for many big companies to try work from home policies. Upon successful operations, now many big tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Twiter are now thinking to permanently implement this strategy.


According to the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, the company is ready to embrace the new work culture. Now the company plans to hire remote workers who will work for the company remotely for the next 5 to 10 years.

However, the company will implement a measured approach. Existing employee’s retention scheme will check their performance and function. All employees need to update the company before 1st Jan 2021 about their location.

Currently, the company has 70 offices across the globe with 70,000 employees working in these offices. The company plans to reduce the capacity of these offices to 25% and also put strict measures to safeguard employees who work in offices. The company plans to implement temperature checks of employees who return to their office in July.

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Facebook further plans to build three “hubs” in Dallas, Atlanta, and Denver. For this purpose, the company will hire 10,000 engineers and product employees this year. Employees working from home in those areas can meet each other at these hubs.

Other Tech Giants:

As Govt across the world is now lifting the lockdown. The major challenge for many companies across the world is the safety of their employees. Twitter took the bold decision earlier this month when the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey announced that they allowed their employees to work from their homes on a permanent basis if they wished to do so. Some other companies also followed the same trend such as Spotify, Shopify, and Box,

Amazon has also shown positive signs for employees working from home by extending the deadline of working form home till October. Microsoft also signaled that its employees can work remotely until October. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a statement, ” Every organization will increasingly need the ability at a moment’s notice to remote everything from manufacturing to sales, to customer support”.

Google also announced its plans to reopen their offices on July 6. However, initially, they will start their offices with 10% capacity only. The capacity will gradually increase with the passage of time.

Apple, however, not revealed anything about their future plans. They have opened a few of their retail outlets. However, that maintained their view on social distancing rules.

What Employees thing about it?

Even employees working in Silicon valley seem to be happy with the change. According to a survey conducted by a very popular app, Blind found that 66% of employees are happy to work from home. Their respondents were 2,800 residing across New York, Silicon Valley, and Seatle. The survey further revealed that employees even can accept a pay cut of 20% if they are allowed to work from home.

Why Work from Home?

Technological advancement now allows many tech giants to transition to this new trend. It is in the best interest of the company, employees, and society. It helps companies to cut their costs. Many companies suffer huge losses during coronavirus pandemic. Now its time to recover some losses. Working from home can help them a lot to recover their losses. So big tech giants plan to implement permanent work from home policy is a positive step.

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