Best Mobile Apps for Android Users

Best Mobile Apps for Android Users

Android and iOS are the two most popular operating systems being used worldwide. Setting up your phone with everything of your choice is not an easy task whenever you switch or buy a new phone. Today, in this article we’ll focus on some apps that Android users must use.

Dark Sky

If you live in an area where you need accurate weather forecasts, then you must use Dark Sky app. Its predictions are almost accurate and even tells you even rain start and stop time. If you want to enjoy the full functionality of the app then you must pay. However, some features are free.

1Password / Lastpass

If you’re tired of remembering passwords, then why not using a password manager. This app is best for your safety and password management. It provides you with unique passwords and in case your password is stolen then all other passwords remain safe. 1Password is not a free app whereas Lastpass is free to use.

Files by Google

If you often download files on your mobile phone and then forget the exact location, then you must use this app. This gives you the flexibility to access all your downloaded files easily and even offers you to get rid of old files. This functionality also comes as a built-in feature in Android phones but it’s confusing. Whereas, this app is easy to use.


Pocket downloads all stuff that you can read offline or when you are free. Many times, you don’t have time to read articles of interest. By downloading this app, you can read articles whenever you want.


If you have a large list of to-do tasks and most often you forget, then download this app. It is easy to use and flexible. It gives you notifications regularly about upcoming deadlines.


Otter is a voice recording app. It is useful for people who want to record their business meetings, interviews, or even students can record their lectures. It is important to note that Android doesn’t come with voice recording functionality. Although Samsung and Google have their own voice recording tools. When you record anything in this app, it gives you a transcript of that recording as well but only in the English language. This is one of the best android app for users.

Microsoft Outlook

Although, Google’s Gmail provides you with the best features if you receive a large number of emails and just want your focus on important emails then use Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile. It splits all emails into “Focused” and “Other” emails. It not only hides unimportant emails but also you are notified only when you get important emails. A bit of relaxation.

There are so many other apps as well but these are some of the best apps for android users.

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