Best iPhone External Storage

Best iPhone External Storage

If you are facing storage issue with your Apple devices like iPhone or iPad then don’t worry, today we’ll discuss some of the best iPhone external storage options available for users. We often download video, music, and other media files that occupies a large amount of space. After some time, we don’t have space left to download further files. We often free up storage by deleting unused apps, deleting other files.

It becomes tough when you buy a phone and later you find that its storage is running out due to the large amount of data. You can’t upgrade storage capacity as well. The only option you have is to buy a new phone. This option is though expensive.

If you don’t want to buy a new phone, then you can still increase the storage capacity of your mobile by means of external storage.

1.SZHUAYI Flash Disk 256GB

You can transfer files for all Apple products using this device. It is a USB Flash drive with three connectors. You don’t have to pay extra for extra storage.


It is the best device for transferring files back and forth between Apple products. It is also secure if you want to transfer personal files because it includes encryption software for password-protected files. You can store all your favorite programs in SZHUAYI Flash Drive and then watch from anywhere in the world.

2.iDiskk 1TB Hard Drive

It is multifunctional. It provides you storage capacity as well as charging facility for iPhone and iPad as well. It is compatible with many devices.

iDiskk 1TB

It can be used with Android phones as well. It is popular with people who need to share large media files every time like photos, music, and videos. Instead of keeping all files in your phone, just transfer everything in this drive, and clean up your phone memory. It is easy to use. When you download it from the Apple store, their guide takes you through every process. It is a sleek, good looking hard drive. Easy to carry, Fast speed and shock resistance are some of the most highlighted features of this product.

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3.Sunany 128GB Flash Drive

With this, you can back up large files of data in just one click. Data transfer is secure as it is transferred using encrypted file information with Password and Touch ID.


You have the option to either encrypt whole Flash drive or specific files. You can watch videos directly from your drive and even can share photos directly to social media. You can connect 128GB Flash Drive with many devices, iPhone 11 & Pros, Mac, PCs, iPhone XS Max, XR, XS, X, 8,7,6,5, iPad, iPad Air. It comes with USB, Apple lightning Adapter, as well as an extra USB-C Adapter. When you plugin, it pops up a message to install the app. The app also gives flexibility of backup, power bank, and restore capabilities. You can also segregate files into different folders.

4.iDiskk USB 3.0 128GB iPhone Flash Drive

Just transfer thousand of files instantly using this device. It is MFi certified. Compatible with all latest versions of iPhone. It also gives you the flexibility to back up everything on auto basis. It works so fast that you can transfer 1GB HD movies in just 20 seconds. You can see all your downloaded files on TV. Just download everything on your laptop and connect it to TV.

So these are some of the best iPhone external storage devices available that you must try.

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