Beautiful Eyes – Beautiful Person

Beautiful Eyes – Beautiful Person

There is a common perception around the world that if you look good, everything goes in your favor. You are loved by your parents, you get good attention from your teachers, you get good friends, you are preferred everywhere.

There are many factors that are taken into account to judge someone’s personality such as how you dress up, how you speak, the way you act, and some factors that are for some reasons seem harsh but are also part of this measurement process such as your race, body size, and shape. According to a study, it is your brain that could detect someone’s beauty. So, we can call our brain beauty detector.

There is a fact that beauty is unfair. Not everyone in this world is born beautiful but there are certain factors that contribute to attractiveness and are in our control. For women, make-up is one of the most powerful tools to attract men. But here we are discussing the natural beauty of men and women. If you are looking for a partner then forget about other features because if your partner has attractive eyes then he/she will be rated high by opposite-sex in personality judgment. According to research, both men and women have equally given most importance to eyes. If a person has beautiful eyes, then you can think of him/her for potential partners. According to research, hair and lips have also importance in rating someone’s personality but the nose has no role at all.

Facial beauty is the most essential factor for sexual attractiveness. When you meet someone or get attracted to someone, it’s all because of his/her face. Other factors play their role later. A research was conducted by Daniel Gill, a Psychologist at the University of Winchester, Hampshire, to judge the importance of face in determining someone’s personality. He used color photographs in his study. He selected 32 men and 32 women in his early 20s and asked them to rate personality.

Men rated women high with good face, eyes, and hair. Whereas women also gave high ratings to men with good eyes and hair. However, no one gave importance to the nose in personality judgment. According to Mr.Gill, good face prove to have influential consequence in personality judgment.

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