Artificial Intelligence takes charge as Microsoft lays off Journalists

Artificial Intelligence takes charge as Microsoft lays off Journalists is the biggest news source of Microsoft. There are hundreds of journalists working in Microsoft to maintain their main news stories on and on their Edge browser. But now artificial intelligence takes charge as Microsoft lays off journalists.

The move is in line with the company’s policy to rely more on artificial intelligence. The company will use artificial intelligence to pick news and content to present on various news platforms of the company.

The hundreds of journalists affected the decision work in Microsoft’s SANE division which stands for Search, News, Ads, Edge. However, Microsoft made it clear that the decision has no connection with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The recent pandemic has caused a serious revenue drop for many big houses around the globe on every platform.

According to a Spokesperson in Microsoft,” Like all companies, we regularly evaluate our business. This can result in increased investment in some places and, from time to time, re-deployment in others”.

The journalists that lose their jobs in Microsoft are mostly from the US and UK. According to the Business Insider who first reported the layoff news says that around 50 jobs are affected in the US.

Microsoft news business set up has a twenty years long history when they launched in 1995. However, when they started Microsoft News two years ago, there were 800 editors working for Microsoft news from 50 different locations around the world.

Around 27 jobs are affected in the UK who work for PA media – formerly the Press Association. They were ready to lose their jobs after Microsoft stopped hiring journalists to select, edit, and curate news articles on their homepages. One staff member shared his views that he was ready to embrace the new change as it was in the news from quite a long time that soon artificial intelligence will take charge of the human role.

Some shared their concerns about the use of artificial intelligence. They said humans stick to guidelines of reporting. It may become difficult for artificial intelligence to stick to strict guidelines.

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Other tech companies are also implementing the same policies of relying more on artificial intelligence. Google is spending heavy budgets on understanding and enhancing the role of artificial intelligence. However, its role in writing content still needs a lot of understanding and hard work.

Microsoft is encouraging publishers to make more use of AI. The Microsoft step to bring in AI in news sector will encourage other companies to follow the same path.

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