Apply Privacy Filter on Laptop to Stop Visual Hacking

Apply Privacy Filter on Laptop to Stop Visual Hacking

What is Visual Hacking

We usually protect the information that we keep on the laptop by using a password or solid encryption technology. However, your information still isn’t safe when you are logged in and using your laptop but still, you lose your privacy by means of visual hacking. Visual hacking is a very serious threat, especially for businessmen. In short, when someone is peering on your screen over your shoulder. We explain this phenomenon by some more examples. You must have faced situations when people look at your laptop just to get an idea of what you are doing. It not only hurts but irritates as well. If you are on a long journey in a train or bus and think to make a business report for your client, or if you are a tax accountant and want to get a report to show to your client, then people sitting around you can easily see what you are doing. Sometimes you don’t want people to see what you are doing because of the sensitivity of information. Confidentiality is very important when you are doing tax work of a client. You find yourself in a situation where you don’t have any other option but to power off your laptop. However, Now you can apply the privacy filter on your laptop to stop visual hacking.

Privacy Filters

Privacy filter is the ideal way to protect your personal and confidential information from strangers. You just need to put a filter on your laptop screen and then only you can see what you are doing. That means people sitting around you won’t have any idea what’s going on your laptop. The screen may look black for them. People sitting straight to the screen can see what’s going on, and in this case, you are sitting in front of laptop. You can find screen filters in your local market or buy online on Amazon.

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They are also called privacy filters or vertical blinds. The standard privacy filters being used for laptops are two way. They block view from left and right. However, nowadays four-way privacy filters are also available. It is also important to note that privacy is not the only benefit that you can get by using privacy filters. You can get other benefits as well. You can protect your screen from scratch and impact. It can help you reducing screen brightness because some people find it easier to work on screens with low brightness. It also reduces glare reduction.

Privacy Filter Categories

Privacy filters come in three categories.

  • Laptop Privacy Screens
  • Monitor Privacy Screens
  • MacBook Privacy Screens

It is made up of thin plastic material that can easily cover your laptop screen. The filters have very small louvers that distort the viewing from right and left angles. You can attach privacy filter by transparent sticky tape or clips which allow you to slide in or out the filter. So, you have the option to either install it permanently or not.

It is not necessary that you use privacy filters only when you are in public. You can even privacy filter when you are in office and colleagues always roam around or sitting around you. In order to restrict the information view, you can use a privacy filter. The main benefit of using a privacy filter is it is cheap and affordable. You can buy it from anywhere at a very affordable price.

Hence, It is recommended that you apply the privacy filter on a laptop to stop visual hacking.

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