Apple finally to say goodbye to intel processor in Macs

Apple finally to say goodbye to intel processor in Macs

The Worldwide Developers Conference is due to take place on June 22, 2020. However, this year the conference will be held online. Apple uses this platform to show the world and developers what software and apps the company is planning to implement in the coming year. In the latest development, Apple finally to say goodbye to the intel processor in Macs.

According to sources, the company will announce in WWDC 2020 that it is shifting to ARM-based chips in its Macs. Apple started planning on developing its own processor. But now it seems like new Macs with its processors may reach the market in 2021.

In the past, Apple changed the processor as well. It changed from 68000 architecture to PowerPC, and then from PowerPC to Intel. If Apple successfully builds its own processors that is fast enough than Intel, then it will take away the consumer market from other competitors. All other popular brands such as HP, Dell, Samsung, and Microsoft are using Intel processors.

Apple transitioned to Intel back in 2005 when they announced their transition. Apple CEO at that time, Steve Jobs, had forecasted that Apple will build its own processor using the experience of the Intel processor. He proved statement in their smartphones and tablets. The company builds its own powerful ARM-chips that it uses in its iPhones and iPad.

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Apple holds a 10% market share in the laptop industry. For Intel, this will turn out to be a substantial loss. However, it will still dominate the laptop market will other leading brands using Intel processors. However, Microsoft, Samsung, and Lenovo have also started to use Arm-based processors.

Although the actual release is still the months away, Apple needs to give enough time to developers so that they optimize their apps for the new architecture. The new processor will utilize the design of A14 system-on-the-chip that will come in the next generation of iPhone. The ARM-based processors have performed so well in iPhones and iPad that now Apple finally to say goodbye to the Intel processor in Macs.

The new 5-nanometer A14 processor will offer greater performance and speed. The partner company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. will build a new processor for Apple.

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