Apple, Amazon, and Google come to make your home smarter than ever!!

Apple, Amazon, and Google come to make your home smarter than ever!!

The widespread use of the internet has made life very easy. Now people have access to the internet wherever they visit. However, a landmark achievement for the internet is transforming home dynamics. Now you can control your home devices yourself by connecting these devices to the internet. You can connect almost every device of your home to the internet. You can connect light, speakers, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils, etc. Previously, we used to hear about the office automation term but now we can automate our homes as well.

Home automation can be expensive and cheap depending on your needs. What types of devices you want to turn into automation? For example, if you want to turn on and off an electrical appliance then it may sound inexpensive but installation and automation of advanced surveillance cameras may be expensive.

People in advanced countries have already started transforming their homes into automated homes. To efficiently and effectively tackling this market, the market giants Amazon, Apple, and Google have announced their collaboration in making home tech produces user-friendly. They have announced that by using Zigbee Alliance, they will make products compatible with smartphones and voice assistants.

We have seen fierce competition in recent years in companies in getting the maximum share of home tech products. This move is a step to get higher profits involved in this market. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are already popular among home tech products. By working together, these three giants will enable manufacturers to produce products that are compatible with every smartphone. As they have mentioned it on their project website that now customers will be satisfied and relaxed while buying smart products that will allow them easy setup and control.

However, this initiative will take some time to happen. It is expected that draft specifications will be released in late 2020.

The announcement of three giants has created interest in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Trade Show that is held every year in January in Las Vegas. Consumers will be looking for manufacturers how they come up with smart home products in the following year. According to researchers, the first smart home product targeted by this new standard will be from security products. Because consumers give most importance to their home security and this peace of mind is achieved when security is at its best. The products that come into this category are smart locks, security cameras, connected smoke alarms, and intruder-sensors.

However, all products designed according to the new standards will be vulnerable to hackers. Because the objective of this standard is to make these devices easy to use, but it also creates a risk of home devices hacked by someone and taking control of your home.

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