Android 11 Beta version launched with some of the best features

Android 11 Beta version launched with some of the best features

Google releases a beta version of the Android 11 operating system for its users. Before that, it released many developers’ previews in the last couple of months. It will release final version of the operating system in late 2020. However, Google’s Android 11 beta version launched with some of the best features. Users can enjoy the beta version with some of the final version features of the operating system.

Last year Google updated the Android 10 version of the operating system. In that update, some of the notable features were dark mode and app permissions. With the Android 11, we can expect growth and maturity of the operating system that we also witnessed in Android 10 update.

Google launched the Beta version on June 10 for users who have Pixels mobiles. They can try out all the features that they would see in the final version. Users with Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4 can sign up for the beta version of the operating system.

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Here are a few advanced features that Android 11 will offer to its users:

Message Bubbles:

Google has tried to improve the messaging experience in the Android 11 operating system. The most notable feature is the chat bubbles like Facebook offered for many years. It will hide your ongoing conversation on the side of the screen. You can click on those bubbles to see specific conversations and can move around chat bubbles as well.

It also introduces a dedicated section for messaging which gives you instant access to any ongoing conversation.

Apps Permission:

Google’s Android 10 update gave users the best apps control features. It continues this trend in Android 11 as well. The new operating system will allow apps only one-time permission. Whenever we want to use apps, it asks access to some of the sensitive information such as location, gallery, camera, etc. Once you gave permission, it can access this information whenever it needs it. But now Android 11 comes with a feature where you will give one-time permission only. As soon as the app uses the required information, permission is revoked. Next time, it asks for permission again.

Smart Home Controls:

Android 11 comes with easy smart home controls that you can use to easily control your smart home products.

Screen Recording:

Google finally launches a screen recording feature. Many users think of a screenshot feature the best way to capture something on your mobile screen. However, screen recording is better when you want to record a task that you are doing on your mobile. Users were waiting for this feature for quite a long time. This is not the feature that users use every day but for users, it is a very handy and useful feature. If someone wants to show gaming skills to others they can use this feature. You can find the Screen Recording tool in the Quick Settings panel.

5G Connectivity:

The year 2020 is all about 5G with many advanced smartphones are bringing features related to 5G. Android 11 adds a special feature “Dynamic Meterdness API”. It will enable mobile phones to take full advantage of 5G. If it detects your mobile phone is detected to an unlimited 5G connection, then it will enable you to access the highest possible quality of videos and audios.

Now users will be able to have a better experience with the Android 11 Beta version launched with some of the best features

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