Amazon Prime Day 2020: Get the best deals and save money

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Get the best deals and save money

Amazon is the largest online retail store worldwide. Amazon prime day is the biggest shopping event from Amazon which is held in July every year. With each passing year, the event is getting bigger and better. Amazon offers more than 1 million products on discounted prices to its Prime Members. The products range from tech to beauty and clothing. So Amazon prime day 2020 is the best day to get the best deals and save money. Prime shoppers can save more money this year as Amazon plans to offer shopper more deals on its items.

Due to coronavirus pandemic, there were some serious doubts about the happening of this shopping event. Amazon Prime Day event for 2020 is expected to be in September. The delay is due to the coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn. As many people have lost their jobs and may not be willing to spend more at this time. Therefore, the event will happen now in September. However, the speculation about the date is not confirmed. But according to some predictions, Amazon wants to give some space between the two biggest shopping events of the year: Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday. This will allow people to enjoy buying items of their choice with more freedom and saving.

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During the lockdown, Amazon faced tremendous pressure from the consumers. At one time the company announced to supply non-essential items. But now as the governments are thinking to lift the lockdown, so the company’s focus is on the Prime Day.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon started this shopping event in July 2015 as a celebration of its 20th anniversary. In its inaugural event. it offered a wide range of products to its customers for 24 hours to its Prime members. The event turned out to be a successful shopping event. Based on that the company decided to make this event a tradition and started to expand the duration as well. Nine countries participated in the event including the US, UK, Japan, Austria, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and Canada. In 2017, the event lasted for 30-hours, whereas in 2018 the event lasted for 36-hours. The company to expand the period more in 2019 by celebrating a 2-day event.

The Amazon Prime Day event was so successful in 2019, that it even beat Black Friday in the online selling of items. The company sold 175 million products in the 2019 event making it the biggest online shopping. Prime Members across 18 countries participated in the event which is double from its inaugural event. According to statistics, Amazon sold 200,000 TVs and 1 million headphones in the 2019 event.

It is important to note that the deals are exclusively for Amazon Prime members, but you can also enjoy a 30-day trial membership package. You can end your free trial before 30 days to avoid fee-charging.

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